Necessity of Physical Therapy in Grafton, ND After Neurological Injuries

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Physical Therapy

Neurological injuries from congenital defects can impair your child’s quality of life. While certain medications can help reduce symptoms, physical therapy in Grafton ND can restore function. Here are some reasons physical therapy is necessary after neurological injuries in children.

Corrects Unsteady Gait
When your child’s therapist tells you to “browse our website,” he or she is giving you good advice. You’ll find valuable information on many pediatric physical therapy topics regarding effective exercises, healthy lifestyle choices, speech therapy information, and the benefits of occupational therapy after a birth injury.

One thing you may learn after visiting a pediatric therapy website is how physical therapy can improve your child’s gait. Children with cerebral palsy or other neurological problems often exhibit severe weakness and muscle wasting. These patients often have weakness on one or both sides, which causes balance problems.

Improves Strength
Pediatric patients with neurological problems often develop hemiparesis, or one-sided weakness. When your child participates in physical therapy in Grafton ND, his or her affected side may get much stronger. Physical therapy can also help prevent muscle atrophy, painful muscle spasms, and poor circulation. While your child may not notice any improvement right away, his or her strength and mobility will gradually improve over time.

As muscle strength improves, your child may be able to exercise and play more, which can raise his or her self-esteem and prevent social isolation. Improved muscle control and strength will also help your child do better in school and extracurricular activities.

Browse our website to learn more about the benefits of pediatric physical therapy.

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