Options for Dog Sitting in Omaha NE

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Pet Boarding

Going out of town requires a lot of planning. It can mean plane rides, rental cars, and hotels, and that is just for the humans who are going. Then comes time to plan overnight or multiday care for the pets staying behind. Fortunately, there are several options for Dog Sitting in Omaha NE that fit several situations and preferences.

Periodic Pet Sitting

The first option for pet care is enlisting someone trustworthy or hiring a pet sitter to come by the home multiple times to feed, exercise, and check on pets. This allows pets to stay in the comfort of their homes. However, it means there will be long periods where pets are unsupervised, especially overnight. This makes many pet owners nervous. It is also very important to ensure pet sitters are qualified before hiring to ensure they will stop by as often as agreed upon.

In-Home Pet Boarding

A second option for Dog Sitting in Omaha NE is in-home pet boarding. Here, pets are brought to a pet sitter’s home for care. This means that pets will not be alone overnight or for long periods. It can also be more affordable than having a pet sitter come to the pets repeatedly. However, it is important to make sure a sitter is well qualified before allowing pets to stay with them. Also, book ahead because in-home pet boarding usually has limited space as it is someone using their own home.

Pet Boarding/Resorts

Pet boarding has come a long way in recent years. Today, pet boarding can feel like a vacation for a pet. Websites such as Cottonwoodpetresort.com allow pet owners to select from private or semi-private options, some of which provide TV for the pet, and all of which come with food, treats, exercise time, and climate control. Prices can be similar to in-home boarding costs, especially as prices can scale down after the first pet.


With all of these options, there is a sitter for every situation. Be aware of whether specific pets do best in their environment, or adjust well to change. If boarding is the best option, send pets with a favorite toy or blanket to help them adjust. With a little preparation, your best can enjoy their vacation as much as you enjoy yours.

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