Overcome Your Fear of Putting in Your Daily Contact Lenses in Pender, NE

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Health

One of the main reasons why people decide to wear glasses instead of daily contact lenses is because of the anxiety they feel about putting them in. If you’re one of those people, it’s important to know that you’re not alone in this. There are plenty of people who feel the same way but there are ways for you to overcome this fear.

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the best ways to become comfortable with something is by continuously practicing it. The same goes for putting in your daily contact lenses in Pender, NE. Before you attempt to put in your contacts, spend a few days practicing by touching your eye. It will be uncomfortable at first but it will help you in the end. Just make sure that your fingers are clean before you do it.

More Practice

This time, you’ll want to practice the process of putting in your daily contact lenses. Try different positions to find the best one for you. One helpful piece of advice is to use two hands: one to keep your eyelids open and one to put in the contact lens.

Don’t Look at it

One of the most common mistakes people make when they first put in their daily contact lenses is that they look at it coming towards them. Looking at it will cause you to blink, making it impossible to put in the contact lens in. Just look away and you’ll be fine.

It’s understandable why people feel anxiety about putting in contact lenses. Click here to contact an ophthalmologist about scheduling a consultation to get contact lenses. They understand your anxiety and can walk you through it. Just think about it; if can get through the initial steps of putting them in, then you never have to wear glasses again.

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