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Patient Options for Hammertoes Treatments in Joliet, IL

Patient Options for Hammertoes Treatments in Joliet, IL

Hammertoes are caused by a muscle imbalance. If the tendons on the top and bottom of the toe are not the right size, the toe becomes rigid, causing mobility issues. Even those suffering from a hammertoe deformity that allows flexibility and straightening out the toes may find that eventually rigidity sets in. There are three types of Hammertoes Treatments in Jolet IL: preventative, symptomatic, and curative.

Preventative treatment focuses on addressing the cause of this unpleasant deformity. Often a podiatrist will recommend functional orthotics in the form of a special insert for a patient’s shoes. This can correct the problem over time. Exercises that stretch out the calves can also be helpful in attempting to correct the issue. This is a very non-invasive form of Hamertoes Treatments in Joliet, IL.

Symptomatic treatment temporarily relieves symptoms of the deformity without treating the underlying problem. These include simple fixes such as wearing sandals or other open toed shoes to avoid the formation of calluses and corns, and hammertoe pads that are placed in the shoe with the same intent. Over the counter corn medications are also available, but these are unreliable and sometimes dangerous. They work by using a mild acid to remove callouses. These should not be used by anyone with circulation problems, and ultimately they will not prevent corns and callouses from coming back.

The effectiveness of curative treatments depends on how severe the original deformity is. If a hammertoe has not lost flexibility, releasing the tendons will result in a rapid recovery and often correction of the issue. Recovery will depend on how many toes must be treated. However, the process of treating an already inflexible hammertoe is more complex. It requires a surgical procedure to remove any damaged skin around the corn, and the removal of a section of bone at the affected joint. The patient must then avoid walking on it for about ten days. After this point they can be prescribed a stiff soled walking shoe. Click here for more details.

Only a qualified physician can diagnose and prescribe Hammertoes Treatments in Joliet IL. Patients suffering from this or other foot deformities and diseases can contact Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Joliet IL to make an appointment or find more information.