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Planning Domestic Animal Medical Care in Joppa, MD: What You Need to Know

Your dog or cat is your constant companion. Therefore, you want to make sure your friend receives the best in veterinarian treatment options. You can do this more easily if you visit a medical clinic that offers a full array of advanced technologies and medical services. By using these types of services, you will never have to worry about your pet’s care.

Advanced Radiography

For example, domestic animal medical care in Joppa, MD includes advanced radiography. This type of vet support technology provides veterinary specialists with so many benefits. The radiographs, which can be taken easily and quickly, can be sent to animal specialists via email. The computer manipulates images so medical workers can make diagnoses through enhanced contrast or magnification.

Dental Digital Radiography

Domestic animal medical care also includes dental digital radiography. This form of radiography greatly improves the way teeth and gums are treated. The key is to view the animal’s root structure and overall dental health. The machine can even be used to x-ray the limbs of very small animals, such as hamsters and birds.

In-House Lab Work

When domestic animal medical care is advanced, it means you can have access to laboratory results conveniently and quickly. Therefore, veterinarians who have in-house labs can provide full chemistry profiles of patients, including complete blood counts (CBCs) and electrolyte results. Microscopic exams can be performed for external and internal parasites and tonometry aids in screening and treating conditions, such as heartworm or glaucoma.

Where to Learn More Online

You can learn more about these types of advanced service options when you visit a site, such as us, today. Learning more about these service options will give you the confidence to set an appointment and provide your pet with the best level of veterinarian care. The more you know about the equipment and services, the better you will feel about taking your pet to the vet and having it examined and treated.