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Preserve Your Fertility Options with Egg Freezing

If you want to have children, but you are not interested in having them right now it’s time to consider preserving your fertility options by having your eggs frozen. There are actually many different reasons why you may want to preserve fertility options. Some of those reasons may include fertility decline or because chemotherapy or radiation therapy could possibly damage your eggs. Egg freezing is a safe, excellent and reliable solution. Freezing technique advances will greatly improve your chances of having a frozen egg actually survive the thawing process so you are more likely to become pregnant. You can learn more about egg freezing in San Francisco CA by booking a consultation with Laurel Fertility Care so you are fully aware of treatment options.

The Scientific Process of Egg Freezing
The scientific process of egg freezing is called Oocyte Cryopreservation. Mature eggs are frozen so that they may be used at a future date. Think of the retrieval process to be much like in vitro fertilization. The actual freezing cycle itself takes anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks including 10 to 14 days of administered hormone injections that are meant to stimulate your ovaries as well as ripen many mature eggs. Once your eggs have been removed they will then be immediately frozen.

Should You Consider Egg Freezing?
Since a woman’s ovaries tend to age fast, and both quality and quantity of eggs decrease over time, it is important to consider having your eggs frozen in your 30s or 40s. Consider egg freezing to be much like an insurance policy against aging, and the damaging effects caused by aging. It is a viable option for women that want to be able to become pregnant using their own healthy eggs in the future. Every situation is unique so be sure to discuss your options with your physician. Visit Laurel Fertility Care for more information.