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Preserving Fertility until the Time is Right to Start a Family with Egg Freezing in San Antonio TX

Family planning is a wonderful thing to look forward to. Some people need plenty of time to get an education, set careers into their lives and decide where they want to raise their family. The pace at which the years pass by is not in sync with when goals like this are expected to be accomplished. The childbearing years left may be short after big achievements in life are made. Egg Freezing in San Antonio TX preserves human eggs in their peak state of quality to be used for reproduction at the right time. Eggs are frozen to below zero temperatures to put a pause on the biological functions that age them.

A lot of improvements needed to be made with Egg Freezing in San Antonio TX in the distant past. Now the medical technology has been mastered, so there are no flaws in the techniques used for storage and preservation. There are two ways to freeze eggs, slow freezing, and vitrification. Vitrification uses concentrated cryoprotectants. The benefit of this method is ice crystals won’t form in the cells. The cells in the egg needing the most protection receive special treatment. The risk of adverse effects linked to biological matter being exposed to freezing temperatures is minimized. Slow freezing reduces ice crystals with programmed freezers. Ice crystals can have an impact on how the oocyte behaves after a sperm has entered the egg. The oocyte is responsible for cell division which is a crucial part of the process that turns a fertilized egg into an embryo.

Besides the obvious reasons for waiting to start a family, eggs may be preserved for medical reasons. Women who get cancer at a young age and are being treated for it can have their eggs preserved. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy can have severe damaging effects on ovaries and eggs. The impaired ovarian reserve can be reversed with egg freezing. Healthy egg cells are needed for successful pregnancies. The intricate process carried out from the moment of fertilization to cell division that leads to a growing fetus is highly dependent on ovarian reserve. It’s best to store eggs before the age of thirty which is the time experts say women are most fertile. Contact Fertility Institute of Texas for more information.