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Questions to Ask a Pharmacy in Whitehouse, TX

Questions to Ask a Pharmacy in Whitehouse, TX

If you are looking for a new pharmacy in your area, there are a few questions that you should ask. While it might seem as if every drugstore is the same, they can be fairly different. You need to make sure that you are well taken care of by asking the right questions.

Do You Have a Pharmacist?

You should make sure that your pharmacy in Whitehouse, TX employs a licensed pharmacist. While that might seem obvious, there are many pharmacies that do not have actual pharmacists there. They will employ some part-time employees or pharmacist assistants but not an actually licensed pharmacist. So ask that first.

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Do You Have This Prescription?

A pharmacy cannot have every possible medication in the world. There are just too many. They will typically have everything that is commonly used and a few rare medications. Also, they will typically be able to get the medication you need if you call ahead. However, some pharmacies have begun to change what they stock in response to many different factors. For example, the growing crisis of opioid use has led some pharmacies to avoid stocking too many opioids.

Do You Deliver?

It’s good to choose a location that will deliver. If they deliver, you will be able to get your prescriptions at home without having to leave the house. That’s especially important if you have mobility issues. Also, you should look for an online order form and/or an app. That will make it much easier to order and renew your prescriptions. You’ll be able to do it while you’re on the go or quickly from your own computer. That’s a matter of convenience as well as excellent service to those who have a hard time with phones or visiting in person. Visit the website  for more information.