Respite Care Provides Advantages for Alzheimer’s Patients in Orlando, FL

by | May 9, 2022 | Assisted Living

Families commonly refuse to bring a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease to any form of respite care. They feel compelled to provide all the care this person needs. Yet Alzheimer’s respite care in Orlando, FL has distinct advantages for both the carers and the disabled relative. It helps prevent caregiver burnout and provides healthy cognitive stimulation for the person with dementia.

This temporary care can involve participation in a day program, or a weekend or longer stay at an assisted living community. Often, the spouse takes complete responsibility for caregiving and may eventually feel burdened by this full-time commitment. Sometimes an adult child is the only one who can provide enough help. Without Alzheimer’s respite care in Orlando, FL, they can’t get away for an evening with friends or a weekend to attend a wedding out of town.


When a person with dementia spends most of the time with only one individual, a sense of isolation can develop. Socializing with additional people is emotionally healthy and cognitively stimulating. Someone in the early stages of Alzheimer’s may remember other men and women at the assisted living community and look forward to seeing them. Even those who have lost much of their ability to remember new people still have a fun and rewarding time while socializing.


Activities may include playing games, watching videos or listening to live music. There may be opportunities to create artwork or work on craft projects. The family is assured their loved one is in a safe, caring environment while away from home.

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