Safe & Effective Opiate Use Disorder Treatment

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Addiction Treatment

There are three different FDA approved treatment for Substance Use Disorder and in particular, Opiate Use Disorder.

The first treatment is called Suboxone. That treatment uses the medication buprenorphine to replace the opiates the person was abusing, The goal is to convert them from an addict into a patient. In that way, the medication Suboxone is given in a controlled manner under the direction of a physician. Patients are monitored regularly and their urines are tested, to make sure they’re not abusing substances.

The second treatment is similar to Suboxone and is called Subutex. Subutex has the medication buprenorphine as well, but does not have a blocker- medication called Naloxone. Generally, Subutex is reserved for patient for pregnant women and is not generally prescribed to every patient because it does have an increased potential for abuse. Naltrexone is available in pill form and also in an injection that lasts a month which is called Vivitrol. Naltrexone is proven to be both safe and effective for the treatment of opiate use disorder. All treatments for opiate use disorder require regular follow-up with a physician for monitoring.

The purpose of the treatment is to eventually wean the patient from the medication, and ideally, the patient will eventually not need the medication. However, some individuals who have had addictions for many, many years, or those with severe problems with pain; may need to stay on the treatment for the rest of their lives.

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