Selecting a New Family Doctor

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Health

When circumstances warrant the selection of a new family doctor, consider major components that can make life easier, as well as save the family time and money. Relocation, the retirement of a physician, or seeking a physician that suits preferences are just a few reasons to switch doctors. Take some time to reflect on elements of the previous experience that were favorable, and those that were not acceptable. Write them down, and keep them in mind when searching for a replacement. A list will be instrumental in shaping questions for any new offices, doctors, or facilities that are being considered for Family Medical Care in Wichita Kansas.

Availability and accessibility are elements that can be vital for a family. An office with just one doctor, for example, is not going to have the capacity to accommodate minor injuries or sudden illnesses with same day appointments. A facility with several doctors in one place will be more likely to have same day slots available for the unexpected. That will save time and money for the family, and pain for the sick member of the household.

A variety of capabilities is also important. Can the office handle situations and needs beyond a routine examination? Select a place that has a laboratory on-site, for example, to draw blood work, or do simple cultures. Discover if X-rays can be taken at that location if office-based procedures and minor surgeries can be completed, and if management services for illnesses are provided. The process of going to different locations for tests, pain management, wound care, and routine blood draws has the potential to add stress and anxiety to a situation.

Offices specializing in Family Medical Care in Wichita Kansas may not have the ability to handle every type of medical problem, but it is not unreasonable to expect any new doctor to coordinate and work in conjunction with specialists if the need arises. This will expedite healing, follow-up care, and holistic treatment for a variety of problems or illnesses.

A child who breaks a leg during a sports event, for example, will need referrals to a physical therapist, follow up appointments to ensure proper healing, and a doctor to prescribe pain medications. All those professionals can better tend to the patient if lines of communication remain open, and vital information is shared. Families can find valuable information when they visit the website of a potential new office or facility.

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