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Standard Appointments and Urgent Care: The Walk-In Clinic in Cincinnati, OHReduces the Burden on Local Emergency Rooms

The CDC estimates that patients visiting an emergency room instead of using an urgent care facility will pay over $700 more and spend approximately three hours longer in the waiting room. Each experience is different but emergency rooms are overcrowded across the country and they sell their services at a premium price. Many people sitting in the waiting room do not have life-threatening illnesses or injuries. They can safely wait a few minutes even though their pain, asthma attack or ear infection need attention quickly. This is when a Walk-In Clinic in Cincinnati OH is the best solution.

When people attend a walk-in facility they are seen by a skilled medical professional. There are on-site laboratories and x-ray technology that make it fast and easy for an accurate diagnosis. No appointment is needed and the service moves patients through quickly. Emergency room overcrowding diminishes as more people that attend these types of facilities for their non-emergency needs. This makes it easier for deathly ill people to get the immediate care they require.

The Walk-In Clinic in Cincinnati OH does not only handle urgent illnesses. They also provide a number of other services that make them a very convenient resource for local residents. They provide immunizations, offer occupational services and do follow-up exams for patients that previously used their urgent care department. The cost is reasonable and the clinic accepts most insurance plans. Patients can also make appointments if their busy schedule makes a walk-in unacceptable.

At Eastside Urgent Care every patient receives respectful and efficient care for every health concern. The eco-friendly facility is dedicated to providing the best service possible to all of their patients and protecting the environment while they do so. They can diagnose a heart attack, treat an asthma attack or stitch a nasty wound. Learn more about the benefits of using this type of urgent care facility instead of a local emergency room. Schedule an appointment with the clinic to review their level of care and to meet the staff. Previous experience with the clinic makes it more reassuring to patients when an urgent need develops in the future. Contac them today.

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