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Stay On Top Of Your Heath With Mobile PET Imaging

Staying on top of your appointments is essential to managing your health. This is why many facilities are offering mobile PET imaging in California. You can get your PET scan without any obstacles in your way. Are you new to mobile medical imaging? Here are several benefits of choosing a mobile PET scan for your appointment.

You Never Have To Miss An Appointment

A flat tire, missed alarm or miscommunication are all reasons why you may miss your appointment. It is even more difficult if you do not have reliable transportation. You never have to worry about missing an appointment with mobile PET imaging. The staff can meet you at a location that is close to your home for easier transportation.

You Are In A Comfortable Environment

It is natural to feel nervous or uncomfortable when having a PET scan done. Mobile PET imaging California allows you to have the scan done at a nearby location, which is perfect if you would rather stay close to home. It is also easier to bring a loved one for moral support when you are not driving an hour to the facility.

You Are Not Sitting In A Waiting Room

When you opt for mobile imaging, you do not have to arrive for your PET scan too early. This means you are not sitting around a waiting room with other patients for what feels like hours. You can even sit in your car until it is time for your appointment. When it is time for your scan, step right into the spacious van and check-in with the staff.

If you are looking for a comfortable, convenient way to have your PET scan done, talk to your physician about Cardiac Imaging, Inc. It is the best mobile PET imaging California facility because of the friendly staff and high-quality equipment.