The Importance of Honest Communication With a Family Doctor in Andover Kansas

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Health

Patients expect excellent care from a Family Doctor in Andover Kansas, and they can take steps to enhance the quality of care they receive. Physicians want to provide the best diagnostic, treatment and preventive services to patients, but they need those individuals to be honest and to comply with instructions. If any patient does not plan to follow a treatment or prevention protocol, honesty is essential.

Why Honesty Is Important

Some people hold back from conveying their thoughts to their Family Doctor in Andover Kansas because they are nervous about disapproval or negative judgment. However, physicians want to understand what is going on in the mind of a patient so they can help that person maintain and boost health and well-being.

Attitudes Toward Medication

For example, a person may truly not want to start taking cholesterol medication yet. It is pointless to accept the prescription and pretend that it will be filled. Instead, by being honest, the patient can work with the doctor on a diet and exercise plan and schedule a follow-up appointment in a few months to learn whether the numbers have improved. This type of communication creates a better relationship between the healthcare practitioner and patient.

Alternative Therapy

People increasingly are taking a more active role in their own healthcare, and they appreciate having a doctor who listens to their concerns about conventional medical treatment. A patient who plans to see a chiropractor for back pain should tell the primary care doctor, so this can be noted in the medical records. The general practitioner will want to learn whether the chiropractic sessions were effective.

Two Types of Physicians

This type of patient may benefit from seeking out a primary care doctor at a clinic such as Wichita Family Medicine Specialists, where medical doctors and doctors of osteopathy are both on staff. These doctors complete virtually the same kind of education and training, but doctors of osteopathy also learn about the use of spinal and muscle manipulative therapies for encouraging the body to heal itself. That has similarities with chiropractic and massage therapy. Anyone interested in learning more about this particular healthcare organization may visit the website.

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