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The Key Things That You Need to Know About Getting an Open MRI

In the past, patients had no choice but to get a closed MRI. This can cause issues with people who are obese or claustrophobic. Pediatric patients may also have a problem with a closed MRI.

An open MRI does not completely enclose the body. The environment will be more relaxed. It will also put less stress on your body. If you will be visiting a MRI center soon, then there are several things that you will need to know about getting an open MRI.

Why Would I Need an Open MRI?

Doctors typically order an MRI if they need to get a better view of your organs and tissues. They will use the findings of the MRI to determine what type of treatment you need. If you need to get surgery, then the surgeon can use the results to determine what type of operation you need.

What Will Happen During the Exam?

The exam should last 15 to 20 minutes. You will have to remove jewelry and change into a robe. You will get an IV inserted into your arm if the doctor needs contrast images. If you are sedated, then you will need to have someone to take you home.

What Are Some of the Risks of Getting a MRI?

A MRI is safe and does not produce any radiation. It is not likely to cause any side effects.

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