The Most Common Uses For Compression Support Hose In Pittsburgh PA

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Health

The use of compression Support Hose in Pittsburgh PA is effective at treating a wide array of medical conditions, and in addition to being affordable, they also come with few to no side effects making them a preferred treatment method for many physicians. The idea of using compression wear for treating medical issues has been popular for many years, and improved manufacturing techniques have increased their application. Here is a quick look at the top three medical problems that are treated by compression socks.

Post Surgery Blood Clots

After a person undergoes a surgical procedure, they are often left with limited mobility which puts them at high risk for experiencing a blood clot. While medications are effective, many physicians also prescribe the use of compression socks to help prevent clots from forming in the lower legs. The constant pressure associated with compression wear is comfortable and allows a person to have full mobility while lowering their risk of life-threatening medical conditions.

Diabetic Leg Pain

Individuals who suffer from diabetic leg pain are all too familiar with the intense burning and tingling sensations that accompany it. While prescription pain relievers are an option, they often come at a high cost and are accompanied by a host of dangerous side effects. Rather than reaching for a pill, more people with diabetes are choosing to utilize compression Support Hose in Pittsburgh PA, which alleviates the discomfort and allows them to live their life to the fullest.

Severe Edema

Chronic swelling or edema typically stems from a variety of issues and controlling it is often challenging. As the name implies, compression socks apply an even amount of constant pressure on the lower portion of the legs, which helps reduce the occurrence of swelling. Though the underlying cause of the swelling will need to be addressed, compression wear offers a short-term fix that prevents pain and the embarrassment associated with edema.

The popularity of compression socks is on the rise as more medical professionals become aware of their many health benefits. McArdle Surgical is a leading provider of quality compression wear and offers a complete line of other home health products. Visit the website to learn more and take the first step in gaining improved health and increased self-esteem.

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