The User’s Needs Should Be Examined When Buying a Pittsburgh, PA Stair Lift

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Healthcare

It is easy to find out about the type of stairlifts that are available by doing research online. However, if a person has the ability to visit a nearby stairlift showroom, this will allow them to see how to operate the lift and get an idea of what it feels like to use one.

When a person visits a showroom, they may wonder what they should be looking for. Their primary focus should be on the needs of the user. This means locating the mobility of the user. While Brooks stairlifts in Pittsburgh, PA, can provide some individuals with the help that is needed to get up and down the stairs, this does not mean that is the safest mobility solution for everyone. It is good to speak with the user’s doctor and the individuals who work at the stairlift-company to make sure that the right solution is being provided.

The seat size and weight capacity of Brooks stairlifts in Pittsburgh, PA, will need to be considered when looking at the user’s needs. Some individuals may need a larger seat or higher weight capacity. Heavy-duty models are available but may require more space in the home. It is good to know that two types of lifts are available. Some are designed for straight staircases. And others are used for staircases that have curves or that are round.

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