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Three Types of Eye Surgeries That Can Improve Your Vision and Your Life

Your vision is an incredibly important part of your life. It allows you to interact with the world and appreciate the beauty that exists all around you. Even if you need to wear glasses or contacts to be able to see clearly, it still gives you the chance to appreciate your environment. As you age or if you’ve experienced a health issue or injury, you may experiences an issue that makes it difficult for you or a valued family member to see, and this can greatly . Poor vision increases your chances of having an accident, as well as lowering your ability to enjoy hobbies, including reading, watching TV, playing games, or taking walks outside.

Thankfully, for some of these eye issues and ailments, there are surgeries that can help correct them to restore your vision and your quality of life. Below are some of the different types of available eye surgery in Jacksonville, FL, that can help you see better and improve your life or that of a loved one Cataract Removal The formation of cataracts occurs when the proteins that normally exist on your eye break down and form clumps. This results in your vision getting cloudy. Most of the time, cataracts are related to age and occur in older individuals, but anyone can be burdened by them. Cataracts can be effectively be treated with eye surgery in Jacksonville, FL.

Refractive Surgery In essence, this is the laser surgery you have probably heard about that can improve your vision. It can be beneficial for people who suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, or astigmatism. After having this type of surgery, it’s likely that you will no longer need to wear glasses or contacts in order to be able to see clearly. Cornea Transplant If your cornea becomes damaged, this can result in cloudy or blurry vision. If this happens, it may require eye surgery to correct the problem. The new cornea often comes from a donor, but having this replaced can help you see more clearly and enjoy life once again.