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Tips for Choosing an Eye Doctor


What makes a good eye doctor? There are rapport, experience, training and care levels. If you’re thinking about getting laser eye surgery, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is to choose the right doctor for your case. Here’s how to find one:

Start with referrals

Referrals are gold and can save up a lot of your time. It can also give you peace of mind knowing people you know and trust sent these referrals your way. Start mining your contacts for them, says Healthgrades.

Do your research

If this doesn’t give you any names, no worries. You can always do your own research too. Go online to find doctors in your area who fit the bill. Is the doctor trained and experienced? Does s/he have the right credentials? Be sure to check before you even think about making a call for a consultation.

Be honest with your medical history

The best eye doctor will have a hard time helping you if you let them come into your case blind. If you have any medical conditions, it would be best to inform your doctor beforehand. That’s going to save your doctor a few steps.

Be ready for the tests

You will need to undergo a lot of exams and tests to make sure you are a suitable candidate for the laser eye surgery. Like any other surgery, the procedure will involve risks. Those risks are going to be magnified for the wrong patient, though. That’s why if your doctor skips these steps and wants to perform the surgery right away that might not be the best option for you. You’ll want to look for and consult with another doctor instead.

These tips can help you find the right doctor for your case. Don’t forget to look up the doctor’s schedule as well.