Top 3 Important Questions To Ask Your Veterinarian In Logan Square

by | Jul 25, 2016 | Pet Health

Your veterinarian is one of the most important people in your pet’s life, after you and your family. This individual helps to keep your pet happy and healthy, and in many cases can help prolong his or her life through regular checkups and medical intervention when illness occurs. This makes having an open relationship with your vet vital to the ongoing health of your beloved pet. While asking the right questions when your pet is ill is easy enough for most owners, there are a few things that you need to know about your pet even when he or she is seemingly healthy. Here are the top 3 important questions to ask your veterinarian in Logan Square.

Is His Or Her Diet Sufficient?

Many pet owners spend a lot of time at the store picking out the right food for their pet’s unique needs, whether it be for weight control or for their specific lifestyle. Be sure that you are indeed feeding your pet the right type of food by asking your veterinarian about your pet’s diet. Remember that brand name pet food companies, just like all companies, prioritize profit, and that their foods may not deliver everything the bag promises. Double check your pet’s brand, type of food, and even treat intake with your vet to be sure it’s right for him or her.

What Type Of Preventative Care Is Needed?

Different animals will require different preventative care depending on their location and lifestyle. Indoor cats, for example, may not require regular flea and tick prevention unless they routinely come into contact with outdoor animals. A dog that runs around at a dog park or outside without a leash may need an entirely different set of preventative care. Discuss your pet’s lifestyle with your veterinarian to be sure that you are giving your pet the preventative care, including vaccinations, that he or she requires to stay healthy.

Are His Or Her Teeth Healthy?

Many pet owners tend to over look their pet’s teeth, simply because it isn’t something that is at the forefront of their minds. Discuss your pet’s oral health with your vet, and follow his or her recommendations if concerns are noted.

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