Understanding the role of a sports medicine specialist

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Health Care

Sports medicine specialists help people to resolve their mobility concerns from injuries sustained during sports. Athletes or individuals who engage in sports recreationally can become injured due to a variety of reasons. Often the issue involves not enough lubrication or stretching of the muscle which can create short, tight muscles that are prone to injury. Sports medicine specialists can provide the right assistance for patients experiencing these conditions.

What is a sports medicine specialist?

A sports medicine specialist can best be defined as a physician who has the specialized knowledge and training to aid in the prevention and treatment of illness or injury during sports play. Sports medicine specialists are board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, emergency medicine, or additional specializations. When one is experiencing a sports injury, a visit to a local chiropractor can prove helpful especially when combined with care from a sports medicine specialist.

What injuries are treated by sports medicine specialists?

Sports medicine specialists treat both musculoskeletal injuries as well as non musculoskeletal injuries. Some of the musculoskeletal injuries that are treated by sports medicine specialists include overuse injuries like tendonitis, rotator cuff, stress fractures, and acute injuries like muscle strains and ankle sprains. The non musculoskeletal injuries that they treat include concussions. They also help with making recommendations on safe exercises, and injury prevention services.

Sports medicine specialists do not operate on patients but instead they focus their practice on the non-operative side of care and treatment. If you are interested in being seen by a sports medicine specialist, you can make an appointment at your local physical therapist’s office or at your local hospital. Your visit may be fully covered by your insurance.

Make sure to visit a sports medicine specialist with extensive experience in their area of expertise so you can be assured of receiving top quality care.

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