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Using Fixed Site PET Imaging for Accurate Heart Scans in Oakbrook Terrace

When it comes to various conditions and treatments of those health conditions, it is crucial that medical experts have the proper information before proceeding with solutions. PET imaging, in general, allows medical experts to better assess organ health and see how the heart is functioning before and after various treatment options. By using some of the most advanced PET imaging technology available, patients are promised accurate noninvasive scans that more easily facilitate diagnoses of various heart conditions.

If you are interested in fixed-site PET imaging for your medical staff, in particular, individuals can also be trained in using PET technology from veteran team experts. This ensures that equipment is used efficiently and that medical experts are learning how to properly diagnose with imaging technology. Included software such as INVIA 4DM cardiac PET software offers operators comprehensive instruction for physicians as well. As an independent care provider, this technology allows you to better serve your community without redirecting them to various facilities. This can improve patient care and streamline appointments to be more precise and informative.

As a patient, it is important that diagnoses are prompt and accurate so that the right treatment options can be performed as soon as possible. As a medical professional, this precision allows you to provide a higher quality of care for all patients. To learn more about how PET imaging can benefit you or your medical practice, contact Cardiac imaging, Inc. today.