Well Visits at Your Pediatrician Clinic in St. Paul, MN are Important for Your Child’s Development

by | Aug 14, 2021 | Child Health

The first year in a child’s life is exciting, bringing constant changes as he or she learns and grows. Parents look forward to and treasure that first smile, roll-over, word, and step. Regular well-baby visits to your pediatrician clinic in St. Paul, MN, help keep track of the child’s progress.

The Importance of Well Visits

Each baby progresses at its own speed, but it’s essential to track their development against that of other children. Finding any problems as soon as possible is always very important. When the same pediatrician examines the child at each visit, changes are quickly spotted. It’s also easier for children to be checked by someone they know.

Typical Pediatric Examinations for Babies

The first well visit to the pediatrician clinic St. Paul, MN should occur within the first week after leaving the hospital. Young babies should see their pediatrician for well visits about six times during the first year and two or three times a year until the child is three. Older children need an annual well visit.

* The baby will be checked from head to toe and weighed.

* The child’s length and head circumference are measured.

* Eyes, ears, and mouth will be examined, and the doctor will listen to the heart and lungs.

* The baby’s abdomen and genital area are checked while also looking for rashes or signs of jaundice.

* The baby’s arms, legs, and hips will be examined.

* The soft spots on top of the baby’s head (fontanels) will be checked at each visit to ensure it is closing as it should.

Baby Vaccinations

Babies receive their first recommended vaccinations while still at the hospital. At the appropriate intervals, babies receive vaccines that will prevent them from becoming ill with whooping cough, measles, mumps, and other childhood diseases. These vaccinations are also critical in keeping these diseases from spreading to other children and adults.

Ask Questions

Before the visits, prepare a list of questions for the pediatrician. Having your questions ready in advance can be especially helpful for first-time parents. Whether you’re struggling with a persistent cradle cap, wondering about the best way to trim tiny fingernails, or deciding when to start cereal, every question deserves an answer.

When you’re looking for a pediatrician clinic in St. Paul, MN, visit Pediatric & Young Adult Medicine. They have an experienced medical team that cares about children’s health. Contact them for well-visits, minor emergencies, vaccinations, and physicals for school or sports.

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