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What Can Someone Expect From Female To Male Reassignment Surgery?

What Can Someone Expect From Female To Male Reassignment Surgery?

Transgender reassignment surgery describes the procedures that used to be called “sex-change surgery.” It can be either male to female or female to male. The latter is considered more difficult because of the problems associated with constructing a working penis.

What does female to male reassignment surgery involve?
During female to male reassignment surgery, which is also called genital confirmation surgery (GCS), surgeons will often remove the patient’s ovaries and uterus. They will then construct a penis. Many doctors will either use the clitoris or use tissue grafts taken from other parts of the patient’s body.

Patients undergoing this procedure will also need breast reduction surgery and hormone treatments to give them a more masculine appearance. Androgens will also give the patient a deeper voice.

The surgeon will perform the Centurion Procedure, which has the significant advantage of taking a lot less time than other female to male surgeries: usually less than three hours as opposed to 15. Since removing the vagina can be extremely risky and interfere with the proper working of the bladder, the surgeon will leave it in place. They will, however, close the bottom and attach the top to the bottom of the abdominal wall.

Surgeons will use the clitoris to make the penis as the clitoris has erectile capabilities. They will make the scrotum out of the labia majora and fill it with testicular implants made from silicone. The doctor will then use ligaments in the area to stabilize the new penis.

The most difficult aspect of the Centurion procedure is making a new urethra that will run through the penis. The surgeon will wrap skin flaps around a catheter to make the urethra. When the skin flaps have knitted together about two weeks later, the surgeon will remove the catheter.

Contact the International Center for Transgender Care to learn more about female to male reassignment surgery or visit the website