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What is the Best Hair Replacement in Arizona?

What is the Best Hair Replacement in Arizona?

Many men and women alike suffer hair loss as they get older. This can strike a serious blow to self-esteem, but it doesn’t have to. With the Best Hair Replacement in Arizona, you can have luxurious real human hair indistinguishable from your own without the need for surgery or expensive intervention. Hair replacement is a tested and proven method. Between two and eight weeks, your hair can be back to looking its best.

This procedure requires the skills of a cosmetologist specializing in hair replacement. He or she will evaluate the areas of your scalp where hair is balding or thinning, as well as the color and texture of your existing hair. A trained and experienced technician will then help to hide your hair loss with the addition of real human hair. A matrix of transparent fibers will be shaped to match the area of your scalp to be treated. This matrix is almost undetectable, and is held in place by a strong medical grade skin adhesive.

Once new hair is added the care and maintenance of your new ‘do is simple. You’ll need to return to the salon periodically for expert touch-ups, but this should only be necessary about once a month once your new system is in place. The process can be completed all at once, or slowly to make the transition less noticeable. Either way the end result is a maintenance free head of natural hair. Stylists can not only perform this procedure, but also style your new hair to bring out your best features, and provide you with specialty products to keep your new ‘do looking great. All maintenance can also be done in-house.

Both men and women with thinning hair have benefited from this tried and true system. You can regain your confidence and look years younger without having to go through any painful or invasive procedures. And with this custom system, there’s no need for constant maintenance; gone are the days of fake looking toupees and wigs. If you’re interested in finding out more about the Best Hair Replacement in Arizona, visit Donte’s of New York.