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What Leads to Hemorrhoid Treatment In Hattiesburg, MS

In Mississippi, gastrointestinal doctors treat complex conditions and developments. The doctors also treat developments, such as hemorrhoids. Reviewing what the developments are and what causes them helps patients understand why they need Hemorrhoid Treatment Hattiesburg MS.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are veins in the rectum that have become swollen. The most common causes of the developments are straining from bowel movements and the pressure applied during pregnancy. The developments origin inside or outside the rectum. In mild cases, an ointment manages the developments. More complex developments lead to surgery.

What are the Most Common Symptoms?

The patient passes blood through bowel movements. The affected area becomes itchy or irritated. The patient experiences discomfort and pain along with swelling. The area where the developments occur plays a role in the exact symptoms that the patient experiences. For instance, internal hemorrhoids bleed if the patient strains during a bowel movement. An external hemorrhoid bleeds when it becomes irritated due to straining or wiping too hard.

When Should Patients Visit a Doctor?

The patient visits their doctor when they start bleeding extensively or if they experience extensive pain. The symptoms are signs of more complicated conditions, such as cancer.

What are the Risk Factors?

Patients could experience weakness in their rectal tissue that also stretches. Gaining weight during pregnancy is a cause for weakness.

What Complications are Possible?

The patient becomes anemic or could develop a strangulated hemorrhoid. Anemia is caused by chronic blood loss. The patient will need to have the hemorrhoid removed or start taking iron to increase the creation of red blood cells. A strangulated hemorrhoid occurs when the blood supply is cut off to the vein. The patient experiences extreme pain if this happens. Visit online for more information.

In Mississippi, patients seek professional help when they develop more complex hemorrhoids. The conditions lead to bleeding, swelling, and pain if they aren’t managed properly. The most common causes are straining and pregnancy. If the patient has a family history of the developments, then they are more likely to develop the hemorrhoids. Patients who want to learn more about Hemorrhoid Treatment in Hattiesburg, MS contact Hattiesburg G.I. Associates.