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What to Know and Expect During and After an EMG Test in Orlando

Electromyography is a test that measures how a muscle responds to stimulation. Physicians use this diagnostic procedure to help them determine the extent of nerve damage and diagnose some forms of neuromuscular disorders. Emg testing in Orlando can assist a person who has been involved in an accident.

The Procedure

The procedure starts with a small needle, and it is called a needle electromyogram. The clinician will insert it into a muscle, and then you will need to contract and relax that body part. The doctor may need to place needles in several areas in order to gather enough data. Afterward, you will be free to leave, but you may notice some soreness later in the day or 24 hours later.

The doctor will review the activity the needle picked up. When you contracted the muscle, it sent an impulse, and the test tracked the reaction time. The doctor will review the patterns and waves created by your motion, and this will help them detect nerve damage and other conditions.


There is little to no prep work involved before this exam. You will not want to wear any jewelry, hearing aids, or metal appliances. Do not apply any creams or oils the morning of the procedure. At the appointment, you will need to change into a hospital gown. The staff will place you in a relaxed position, which means you could be lying down or sitting comfortably. They will properly sterilize your skin before inserting the needles. For more information on Emg testing in Orlando, contact MD Diagnostic Specialists at .