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What to Look for in a Home-Care Assistance Provider

What to Look for in a Home-Care Assistance Provider

When a loved one in your life transitions from being independent to needing independent living home care assistance, the change can be difficult. Seniors often feel angry that their freedoms are being stripped away, and the idea of a stranger coming to help them through the daily routine of life may be scary. This transition can be hard on your family as well.

The transition doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. Hiring the right senior caregiver can make a huge difference all around. You don’t want to constantly worry if your loved one is getting the proper care; you want to be confident they are. Therefore, when hiring a caregiver, you should look for the following qualities:


An empathetic caregiver will give your aging loved one the physical, mental, and emotional security they need. A nurse isn’t just someone to help them through their daily routine. A nurse should also be a friend to listen, laugh, and share with. A caregiver should establish a relationship with their senior, and make them feel special, loved, and heard.

Empathetic caregivers should be willing to listen to stories and the regular aches and pains of life. For example, when an elder tells them they are in pain, they must listen, or they could completely disregard a health emergency if one surfaces.


Along with empathy, care managers must have patience with their patients. Senior citizens don’t move as fast as they used to, and they may need some extra help with reading, cleaning, and medication reminders. A home care nurse can’t just brush off an elder when they need help.

Patience is also crucial when an elder becomes irritated or frustrated. With diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia, older adults can become visibly upset quickly. A home care nurse should have patience and kindness in these situations to help restore peace of mind to their patient.


A caregiver should always be on time to give the patient a solid routine. But, more importantly, punctuality ensures that a patient takes their medications regularly and on time.


In the interview/hiring process, try to gain an understanding of who the caregiver is. Are they being truthful and authentic? Or do you see them putting on an act?

Someone who puts on an act to get the job might not keep up that act while caring for an elder. They could be rude, never punctual, and not genuinely care. In the hiring process, follow those gut feelings.


Lastly, a caregiver shouldn’t be all work and no play. Care managers should be willing to have fun with their patients, giving them good, happy memories they will never forget. Together, they can play bingo, cards, board games, and go shopping and on walks. Without any fun, your loved one’s life can get pretty dull.

You want nothing but the best in-home care for those you love. With the busyness of life, an in-home caregiver is the best option. Following the guidelines above, you will find not just a nurse, but a friend for your favorite senior citizen.

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