When a Medical Issue Needs a Little More Than the Family Doctor in Andover, Kansas

by | Sep 13, 2019 | Health Care

A Family Doctor in Andover Kansas is an important part of any overall health plan. They are the doctor that oversees annual visits, provides medical advice throughout the years and remains the first and most frequent professional people rely on to help maintain good lifelong health. However, they do have their limitations. The occasional walk-in visit for minor illnesses or injuries is possible at most offices, but the hours they are available are usually restricted and not necessarily when people need them the most.

This is why the advancement of urgent care centers has made life easier for many people. They offer an option for those who need help for non-life threatening problems like a broken bone or asthma attack, but would rather not wait several hours at an emergency room. Urgent care facilities are designed to serve patients without appointments and have extended hours that most doctors do not keep. They maintain a facility that is able to perform laboratory testing and x-ray services, so they can do much more than the average doctor’s office.

They also offer many of the types of assistance that people would go to their Family Doctor in Andover, Kansas for, rather than an emergency room to receive. This includes annual flu shots and basic physical exams. The facilities are often a part of community health systems, so it is easy for people to have their records transferred, get information from one specialist to another and to find the right expert for whatever care they need.

By visiting the Wichita Family Medicine Specialists website, local residents can see more about the services an urgent care facility can provide and where additional family care physicians can be found. It has become much easier for people to get all of the care they require in one place. It shortens the wait time on medical tests and reduces the overall expense of immediate care because the rates at urgent care facilities are often only a portion of what is charged in an emergency room. They are able to provide medical services to all family members and are staffed with caring professionals who can make every visit a little less stressful.

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