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Why Jacksonville Residents Should Get LASIK

Plenty of people wear glasses or contacts, so you’re probably familiar with the myriad of issues that go with them. From cleaning lenses to running out of contacts to doctor visits for changing prescriptions, keeping up with your eye health can turn into a hassle pretty quickly. If you’re tired of wearing glasses and contacts, here’s why you should be consulting LASIK doctors in Jacksonville.

Save Money

Between new frames, lenses, cleaning supplies, prescriptions, and doctor visits, you probably spend at least a pretty penny or two. LASIK may seem like a larger investment up front, but it can prove to be more cost effective in the long run.


Who likes wearing glasses and contacts at the beach? How about when staring at screens all day, or packing all your accessories in preparation for a big trip? Glasses and contacts can become uncomfortable as time goes on, whether from eye strain, headaches, or dry eyes. Also, contact wearers tend to be more likely to get eye infections or experience oxygen deprivation. On the other hand, you may simply enjoy not having to worry about wearing glasses in athletic situations or while working in fields like the military or police force.


If the other two reasons don’t appeal to you, maybe you just prefer how you look without glasses. You deserve to feel like your best self, and eyewear shouldn’t be the thing standing in your way. If you’re ready to talk to LASIK doctors in Jacksonville, check out MAIDA Custom Vision at