Why Visit a Weight Loss Doctor?

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Weight Loss Program

Are you struggling to manage your weight or shed those extra pounds? Try visiting a weight loss doctor!

Weight loss doctors are obesity medicine specialists or bariatricians. They are experts who have specialized training in the area of medical weight loss. When you visit such a medical expert, they will address your specific needs.

While all general physicians understand nutrition and weight loss, a trained weight loss doctor has extensive knowledge and training that allows them to cater to your body’s needs and offer you a customized care program that a general physician cannot.

When you go to a weight loss expert, they will conduct an initial exam to review your medical and weight history. Based on that information, they design a comprehensive, personalized weight management plan for you to follow.

Here are two standard practices recommended by weight loss doctors for sustained weight loss:

A Healthy Diet

If you want to lose or manage your weight, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes:

  • High-fiber carbs, such as beans, legumes, whole grains
  • Non-starchy and green veggies
  • Low-fructose fruits
  • High-quality proteins, such as salmon, lentils, and shellfish
  • Unsaturated founds, such as those found in fish and olive oil

Regular Exercise

If you want sustained weight loss, you will also need to focus on exercising regularly. A physically active lifestyle will also ensure optimal health. Resistance exercises help you avoid the loss of muscle and lean body mass that comes with aging. Building muscle mass will also boost your metabolism and enable you to maintain a healthy weight.

A weight loss doctor can guide you toward foods, supplements, and exercises that will help you lose weight effectively.

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