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Why You May Need Pediatric Foot Care for Your Child

Why You May Need Pediatric Foot Care for Your Child

You don’t think about them much until you feel discomfort or pain with each step you take. Your feet and ankles do a lot of work for you on a daily basis. For kids, this can be especially hard because they are so active. Pediatric Foot Care is important when addressing any pain or growth problems your child may be experiencing.

There is a difference in the health of adult feet compared to that of children. Children are obviously still growing and maturing, so treatments for any ailments or growth deformities will be treated specifically for the age of the child. Choosing a knowledgeable podiatrist is the best approach to proper foot and ankle care.

Since children are often so active, there are a number of issues that can develop which may cause pain or growth problems. For instance, very active children, perhaps who play soccer or basketball, which require lots of running, jumping and changing directions of the feet and body, may evolve into what is called Sever’s disease. This develops because the heel takes the longest time to ossify, like the bones in the rest of the foot. The disorder is easily prevented by adding arch supports in the athletic shoes. A qualified podiatrist can make the proper recommendations for the proper fit.

Another common problem with the feet of children is flat feet pain. Not only may it be uncomfortable for the child, but flat feet can cause other problems in adulthood. Foot & Ankle Specialists of NJ would recommend that children with flat feet pain wear supportive shoes and arch supports to help strengthen the muscles and tendons in the feet. This will help the proper development of the leg muscles as well. The feet will be able to properly support the weight of the body as the child grows into an adult.

A Pediatric Foot Care professional can also help children with in-toeing and out-toeing. This malady can often be outgrown. For a more serious issue, a podiatrist may prescribe special arches or braces to subtly correct positioning of the foot.

The proper development of feet is literally the base of support for your child’s entire body. Having a medical intervention plan is necessary should you notice an abnormality, or if your child complains of foot and ankle pain. It is wise to have an evaluation by a pediatric podiatrist for proper and prompt treatment. You can also follow them on Twitter.