You Can Be Proud to Wear a Hearing Aid in Norwich, CT

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Health

People generally take their five senses for granted until something happens to impair one of the senses. If the hearing goes out, it can cause the person to be severely impaired and limited in the ability to do certain things. Fortunately, for some people, there are hearing aids that can improve a person’s hearing and thereby, his or her quality of life. A lot of people don’t want to wear hearing aids because they feel like the aids will make them stand out. There is an audiologist who offers a Hearing Aid in Norwich CT that wearers will be proud to wear.

It is true that hearing aids were large and bulky in the past, bringing attention to the wearer that he or she had a hearing problem. Today’s technology has changed all that. Anyone who would have been embarrassed to wear a hearing aid in the past now can find no other reason to not wear one. Hearing aids can be so small that one would have to be looking really hard to detect it. Today’s hearing aids also can come with Bluetooth technology.

There are many types of hearing aids available. The type the user can wear depends on his or her hearing loss degree. There are the hearing aids that are completely in the canal. These hearing aids are best for those who have mild to moderate hearing loss. However, they don’t have volume control. There is the in-the-ear hearing aid which works for those who have a mild hearing loss to severe hearing impairment. The most traditional type of hearing aid is the behind-the-ear model; and it works for those who have any type of hearing loss.

County Hearing and Balance is an audiology center that has been providing audiology services to patients throughout Connecticut for close to 40 years. Services provided are for hearing loss, vertigo, tinnitus, diagnostic services and other audiology services. The center has locations in six cities in Connecticut, one of which is Norwich. If in need of testing for a Hearing Aid in Norwich CT, the center is available.

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