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6 Reminders If You Want to Go on a Retreat

6 Reminders If You Want to Go on a Retreat

Going on the right full moon retreat can change your life. That’s why it can be scary. If you’re thinking about giving it a shot, here are a few helpful reminders.

Check the size

If this is your first full moon retreat, for instance, then you may want to go with programs that have a small audience size. If you join a 40 or even 50-people session, you may get lost in the crowd.

Consider the topic

What’s the topic of the retreat. That’s an important factor in planning one and something you should pay attention to if you’re a prospective attendee, the ConvertKit says. If you want something that’s going to help you celebrate bonds with other women, then going on a full moon retreat may be an ideal choice to go for.

Think about your transportation

How will you get there? Is there a major transportation hub nearby? What means of transportation can take you to and from the retreat facility? Research and find out.

Calculate the costs

Make a budget of how much you’ll spend on the trip. That list should include all the retreat costs, the airfare, and a bit of something extra if you want to eat out, buy something or just have handy extra cash in case something turns up. Having a budget will help you control your expenses.

Be clear about your intentions

Why are you joining the program? What do you want and expect to get from the retreat experience? What are you looking forward to? Do you want time and clarity to work through some issues? Or do you want to relax, unwind and use the time to make new friends? Think about that before you join a program.

Pick the right center

Pick a retreat facility that’s in a location you want. Retreats are much better when you enjoy nature around you.