3 Fascinating Facts About Nicotine Base USP

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Health

Nicotine base USP is produced as a pharma ingredient suitable for use in many smoking cessation products. Its quality will help to determine how successful those products are.

When considering which form of nicotine to buy, you should consider the purity level of the nicotine. There are other fascinating facts to learn too, however.

It Is the Third Highest Purity Level Available

According to official sources, there are seven grades of purity available when creating or developing chemical products. Nicotine base USP is deemed to be the third highest level. USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia and indicates the purity level can at least meet the requirements of that standard. In some cases, it may exceed those requirements.

It Is Available as a Clear Liquid

The liquid format of this type of nicotine means that it can easily be added to the numerous nicotine replacement therapy items on the market today. Vapers will be familiar with the e-liquids they use in their electronic cigarettes. Using a high-quality nicotine base USP in those e-liquids ensures the vaper receives the appropriate level of nicotine for their needs. The liquid also makes it easy to use in patches, gum, and lozenges.

It Can Be Purchased in Large Quantities

Sourcing a good quality batch of nicotine in this format is vital to developing the nicotine replacement therapies you wish to sell. The reassurance of being able to purchase a large batch of the nicotine base you require is simple to understand. You know you can get the amount you need whenever it is required, thereby providing a constant and continual source of high-quality nicotine.

Combine these three things and you can see how much there is to learn about this base product. When you are looking for the best elements to use in the creation of replacement therapies, sourcing the finest nicotine is of paramount importance.

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