A Guideline for Breast Enhancement Surgery

by | Jun 12, 2024 | Plastic Surgeon

Breast enhancement is a surgical procedure that can help enhance the contours of your breasts. Every year, thousands of women choose this procedure with remarkable success. What makes women choose this procedure? According to surveys, every woman has a specific reason for choosing this surgery, but there are a few broad reasons.

For many women who are not satisfied for some reason with the current state of their breasts and want them to look fuller, this could be a viable procedure. After a breast surgery, for example, in a patient who has gone through treatment for breast cancer, surgically enhancing the breasts could be a good solution. In patients who have undergone mastectomy, or removal of one breast, enhancement procedures could be combined with reconstruction surgery. After pregnancy the breasts sometimes becomes unbalanced, and surgery can bring back the feeling of balance between the two breasts. Whatever the reason you have chosen breast enhancement as an option, remember that it is a very personal choice.

Once you have decided that this is the route you want to go for, get in touch with a good plastic surgeon. A thumb rule is to look for a medical practitioner with the appropriate credentials. They should have been certified by top boards such as the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. The reputation of your surgeon is important as well as the feeling that they can be trusted. The American Board of Plastic Surgery recommends a surgeon who has completed minimum of five years surgical training. Of these five years, there should be at least two years the surgeon has dedicated exclusively to practicing plastic surgery. Ideally, your surgeon should be have a thorough knowledge and hands-on skill set in handling the different branches of plastic surgery. These include surgeries of the body, face, hands, skin, and reconstruction.

With a qualified surgeon in place you are now free to have a consultation. Your surgeon will discuss your physical heath, current ailments or addictions, and other factors that would play an important role in making the surgery successful. Let the surgeon know about your expectations, the specific reason you want this surgery, and what sort of look you want.

In the hands of a good surgeon a breast enhancement can be a great success. If you are looking at the option of breast enhancement, Tifton GA residents suggest a surgeon with years of experience and training as a cosmetic surgeon.

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