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Revisit Your Youth and Liven Up Your Look with a Facelift in Lincoln Park

After some time, many people feel like they can see the years in their face, from the appearance of wrinkles to skin losing its firmness, people may start to miss that youthfulness in their appearance that they feel is quickly slipping away. For those people, they may turn to cosmetic surgery such as a facelift to restore that youthful look.

A facelift in Lincoln Park is a procedure where the facial tissue is lifted and tightened. To accomplish this, the procedure may include removing any excess skin, smoothing out wrinkles in the skin, and tightening.

There are two different facelift options that may be presented to a person considering cosmetic surgery: a mini facelift or a standard facelift. A mini facelift may be a good choice for people who see a more mild sagging of the skin. The mini facelift uses shorter incisions typically near the hairline and lifts and tightens. It is a less invasive procedure with a much shorter recovery time. The standard facelift tackles more advanced signs of aging like heavier sagging and jowling of the skin. The standard facelift uses lifting through incisions around the hairline and front of the ears to reposition the tissues and smooth the skin relieving the jowling and other issues that may have been noticeable prior to the surgery.

If you are ready to rediscover your youth or prevent further signs of aging in your skin, for more information on a facelift in Lincoln Park. Visit Adam J Cohen MD today.