A New Program For Weight Loss In West Chester PA

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Health

Balanced hormones play a major role in weight loss. There is a new program that works wonders for those with an imbalance. This condition affects women and men. However, pre-menopausal and menopausal women are at greater risk. The program is very different from hormone replacement therapy. Rather, it focuses on balancing the sex hormones and insulin. Insulin is a hormone and it controls blood sugar levels. Higher blood sugar levels cause excess insulin. The body cannot use the insulin so it stores it as fat. People do not lose weight because they are burning sugar rather than fat.

A program for Weight Loss in West Chester PA can help. People who follow the program see their bodies go into ketosis. Finally, they are able to burn the stored fat. The second part of the regimen focuses on the sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Everyone is under too much stress these days. Consequently, the body cannot make cortisol, the stress-fighting hormone. Unfortunately, the body uses progesterone to substitute for cortisol. Progesterone is the feel-good hormone that is needed for weight loss, sleep and calmness. The body becomes estrogen-dominant which triggers fat storage and water retention.

The natural homeopathic regime consists of a “metabolic correction blend.” The blend resets the body’s hormones and supports the adrenal gland. Users take the supplement three times a day, under the tongue. Clients receive a progesterone supplement along with support for the liver and digestive system. In addition, they follow a balanced portion-controlled diet. Further, light cardio exercise is recommended. The result is Weight Loss in West Chester PA. Some participants lose as much as 15 to 22 pounds per month.

Finally, the regimen offers a relaxation program. Participants listen to music and sound waves for 24-minutes. A special eye pillow blocks out light and promotes calmness. Additionally, a unique blend of aromatherapy oils are used while relaxing. Research shows the 24-minute treatment is equal to a two-hour nap. The best part of the program is that people do not regain the weight. That is because their hormones are balanced and they are less stressed. If you are interested, visit the website of the BeBalanced Center.

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