All About Rectal Dysfunction

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Health Care

The inability to go to the bathroom normally and without pain is not something that anybody ever wants to go through. However, Rectal Dysfunction is a common problem that affects many people around the country and even the world. This can be due to a varied amount of causes including incomplete bowel movements, certain medications, and even a poor diet.

If there is a severe amount of straining when attempting to evacuate the bowels, this can lead to hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and bleeding. If the dysfunction is caused by medication, the doctor or nurse practitioner may be able to prescribe a stool softener to aid in movements. This is, of course, dependent upon any possible conflicts with medications that are being taken. Sometimes, creams or ointments are also prescribed to relieve any soreness of painful itching that may be present.

While fissures most often come from straining, it is not uncommon to also have them caused by anal sex. Proper lubrication and precautions should always be followed if engaging in this activity. If severe bleeding is present, or bleeding that does not stop after approximately five minutes occurs after evacuation, call 911. If treatment is not pursued, the chances of fissures becoming chronic is relatively high.

If cuts or scrapes happen in the rectal area, these can lead to fistula if left untreated. Fistula are pus-filled sores that eventually will break open. While infection is not common in these instances, it is not impossible and should be looked at by a professional. In fact, any discomfort in that area or any signs of Rectal Dysfunction at all should be reported to a hospital or medical clinic and thorough and consistent treatment should be pursued and followed through with. Significant health concerns may arise is these conditions are left untreated.

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