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Alternative Methods of Back Pain Treatment

Many medical professionals are beginning to understand how dangerous narcotic pain relievers are for their patients. Not only are there a number of potential side effects from using each medication, the risk of addiction is always a possibility. However, the most pressing reason people should refrain from their use has nothing to do with side effects. It is because pain relievers only mask a symptom rather than repair a problem. When someone seeks medical care they should expect the cause of their pain to be determined and a method of treatment started immediately to improve or heal the problem. For many patients, this has not been their experience, and that is why they are now turning to alternative methods of care.

Back pain treatment in Glendale is often something that people seek out after months or years of pain. Their life has often been greatly altered by that pain. Many have lost time at work, have gained weight due to inactivity and are no longer able to participate in the activities and hobbies they once enjoyed. Medication has offered no lasting relief, and the prospect of surgery is frightening and expensive. For these patients, chiropractic procedures, physical therapy,and massage are alternative solutions that may provide the comfort they need.

Chiropractors typically work with a team of other wellness professionals that help to address each patient individually. The cause of the pain is determined, and a treatment plan is devised that will address their specific need. Back pain treatment in Glendale for some patients may include manipulation, exercise and a change of diet. Other patients may require massage therapy and orthotics along with regular adjustments. In every case, the progression of the patient is assessed and changes in the treatment plan are made as needed. While undergoing care from professionals like Impact Physical Therapy the patient can still see their primary care doctor and remain on their pain relievers if they desire, but in order to gauge their improvement, it is necessary to eventually end the use of narcotic medications. Contact the office to learn more about this type of care and how beneficial it has been to many other patients in the area.