Animal Hospitals for Specialty Treatments

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Animal Hospitals

Pets get sick, it happens sometimes without any notice. If your pet needs a surgery, you will want to find the best vet and hospital possible. Everyone loves their pet and only want the best for them. Many people treat pets the same as they would treat their child. Here are some specialty treatments and procedures an animal hospital in South Loop might offer.

Liver Lobectomy

If your cat or dog suffers from liver cancer, a vet may perform a lobectomy. Each pet’s liver contains six lobes, and when cancer invades these lobes, they need to be removed. A vet can perform a partial lobectomy, which removes only part of a lobe and is the more common procedure. Some signs of a tumor on the liver include: seizures, lethargic behavior, decreased appetite, vomiting and jaundice. The liver has some important jobs to do such as: producing cholesterol, removing toxins from your pet’s blood, and processing nutrients. If you suspect that your pet may have a tumor on their liver, you should consult with a vet.


Acupuncture is just placing needles in certain parts of the body to stimulate cells and nerves. You should never try to give your pet acupuncture at home if you are not a licensed professional; trying it by yourself at home can cause serious nerve damage to your pet. Acupuncture can help your pet with allergies, phobias, anxiety issues, pain, paralysis, seizures, arthritis, different forms of dysplasia, inflammatory bowel disease, infertility and many other illnesses.

Before allowing an animal hospital to perform acupuncture on your pet, you should make sure they have a licensed professional doing the procedure. There are also many different forms of acupuncture that can be done. Acupuncture can be a safe alternative to highly invasive surgeries and excess amounts of medications.

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