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Are Couples or Individual Counseling in Hutchinson KS Needed?

Are Couples or Individual Counseling in Hutchinson KS Needed?

There are a number of couples who seek Counseling in Hutchinson KS each year. For those who are facing a rough patch, and believe that therapy may be beneficial, but dread having to drag their significant other to a session -; they may want to consider another option: individual therapy. There are some studies that have shown that individual therapy may be much more effective in strengthening the current relationship than couple’s therapy.

Recently, it was shown that couples who sought individual therapy had just as much success as those who participated in couple’s therapy. This is extremely beneficial in cases where one person is unable to get their partner to attend Counseling in Hutchinson KS sessions with them. This is a common problem according to a number of psychologists. In fact, there are some estimates that show that troubled couples wait as much as six years to seek help.

Now the big question is how does a person make the decision that their relationship needs therapy, either couples or individual? One way to determine this is if they have more negative interactions with their significant other than positive encounters. Generally speaking, healthy couple relationship will have a ratio of one negative interaction to every five positive interactions.

If they have made the decision that their relationship may benefit from professional assistance, there are a number of resources to use. The key is to find a reputable therapist that is able to help with the particular issues the couple, or individual is having. It is important to find a therapist who is a proven problem solver. This is the person that will help the individual find practical skills that will ultimately help them improve their relationship.

The bottom line is that if a person’s relationship is no longer making them as happy as it did in the past, it will not hurt to seek help, no matter if it is with their partner or alone. If the relationship does wind up ending, at least, you will know you have done everything possible to try and make it work out. Those who are interested can Schedule An Appointment for more information.