Are There Natural Treatments for Low Back Pain in St Louis?

by | Feb 10, 2016 | Chiropractic

Low back pain is one of the most common types of back pain people complain about. Although some back conditions can cause this type of pain, many suffer without knowing why. Often, lower back pain is caused by subluxations in the lower spine. A subluxation occurs when the natural alignment of the vertebrae is interrupted. This not only causes pain but can make it difficult for a person to move. It is important a person seeks natural treatment for Low Back Pain in St Louis.

Instead of relying on risky pain medications and muscle relaxers, it can be beneficial for a person to see a chiropractor for the treatment of their Low Back Pain in St Louis. The chiropractor will first need to carry out some testing to determine what is causing the pain. Through an examination and X-rays, the doctor can learn whether or not subluxations are occurring in the spine.

If a subluxation is present, this is likely the cause of the pain, especially if it has become chronic in nature. Subluxations cause the vertebrae to press on the nerves that branch off of the spine. When compressed, these nerves can cause moderate to severe pain. They can also interrupt normal movements, limiting a person’s mobility. The sooner this issue is corrected; the less likely major nerve damage will occur.

To correct spinal subluxations, the doctor will gently manipulate the bones of the spine to line them up in their natural order. This immediately begins to alleviate the pressure being placed on the nerves, so pain is improved. With ongoing treatment and special exercises that are carried out at home, patients can grow stronger and begin to experience less pain and improved mobility.

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