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Choosing the Right Business for Pet Boarding Services

Choosing the Right Business for Pet Boarding Services

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility. Part of this responsibility entails keeping a pet in a safe location when an owner is away from home for an extended period of time. Fortunately, many businesses offer Pet Boarding Services. To find the right one for a pet, use the following tips. Combine these tips with other suggestions for a comprehensive evaluation of pet boarding facilities.

To find the right business for pet boarding, talk to other pet owners. It’s a good idea to get recommendations from pet owners who have used a particular pet boarding kennel numerous times. Ask probing questions to garner details about each pet’s experience with a particular facility. Carefully consider all answers and choose two service providers to further check out.

Next, find out if each boarding kennel is licensed. In the state of Georgia, contact the Animal Protection Section of the Georgia Department of Agriculture. A pet owner can also visit the website of this agency. This license has to be prominently displayed at each business. This department has animal protection inspectors that regularly inspect pet boarding facilities to ensure that they comply with the Animal Protection Act.

Schedule a visit with each boarding facility. Most of these businesses offer tours of their facilities to pet owners. Observe the cleanliness of the surroundings. Even though boarding pets can get messy, a pet boarding kennel should be clean, sanitary, and organized. Talk to the staff. These employees should be communicative and helpful. Ask about the facility’s routine for pets. There should be an organized system for dogs to eat, socialize and sleep.

After doing this with both pet boarding facilities, let your pet visit each one. Pay close attention to how the staff reacts to the dog. It’s important to know that the dog will feel loved and cared for while being boarded. Also, ask the manager of each facility about pricing and special discounts. By performing these steps, a pet owner can find the right facility to keep his pet while he is away. Please visit for more information on Pet Boarding Services. The dog technicians at this business can handle most types of pets.