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The Most Common Ailments That Foot Doctors In Joliet IL Treat

The Most Common Ailments That Foot Doctors In Joliet IL Treat

While they are not a body part that is thought about often when issues arise with a person’s feet it not only causes intense pain and discomfort but may also create mobility issues if left untreated. Foot Doctors in Joliet IL are specialists that diagnose and provide treatment for a vast array of conditions and help a person have feet that are free from pain. There is a slew of ailments that a podiatrist will treat, but the following is a look at the most common conditions and a quick look at basic treatment options.

Heel Spurs

If an individual has intense pain that is concentrated in their heel and worsens when rising in the morning or after sitting for extended periods of time, it could be caused by bone spurs. The condition occurs when a calcium deposit forms on the underside of the foot that pinches the nerves when walking. A physician will first conduct a series of x-rays to determine the location of the spur and then remove it via a surgical procedure.

Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown nail occurs when the nail of a toe grows into the soft tissue and is usually characterized by the presence of redness, swelling, and infection. The condition may be caused by cutting a nail too short or as a result of wearing improperly sized footwear which creates excess pressure on the toes. Foot Doctors in Joliet IL will cut away the nail so that the irritation is gone, and use a chemical to kill the nail at the root and prevent it from regrowing.


Bunions form when the joint of the large toe joint deviates and encourages the formation of a calcium deposit. As it increases in size, it points outwards and will cause pain when wearing certain types of footwear. If the use of orthotics does not remedy the problem, then a surgeon will need to cut the excess bone from the joint by scraping it, which is usually only suggested in extreme cases.

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