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Seeing A Vet in Alpharetta After Acquiring A New Cat

Seeing A Vet in Alpharetta After Acquiring A New Cat

When a new cat becomes a member of the family, steps to care for it in the proper manner become a priority. Cats are relatively easy to care for, however, knowing a few actions to take will keep the cat comfortable and in good health. Here are some tips to take into consideration after acquiring a cat as a pet.

Head To The Pet Supply Store

A cat will require a few necessities from a pet supply store. Purchase a food dish, water bowl, and dry and wet cat food for the cat’s feeding area. Keep these items in the same location day after day so the cat becomes accustomed to their presence. A litter box, cat litter, and scoop are needed for a toileting area. These items are needed even if a cat will spend time outdoors. Be sure to scoop any waste from the litter box on a daily basis for disposal. Add new litter to the box as needed and clean out the contents in their entirety on a weekly basis.

See A Veterinarian For A Health Visit

It is best to bring a new cat to a Vet in Alpharetta as soon as possible. They will do a complete evaluation of the cat’s health and make recommendations if medical intervention is necessary. They will discuss when to have the cat immunized for diseases and will also talk about getting the cat spayed or neutered if breeding is not desired. Yearly visits to a veterinarian are best so the cat’s overall health is monitored.

Spend Plenty Of Time With The Cat

Many cats shy away from new owners during the first few days they are in a new home. Place the cat in one room in the home so it becomes used to its surroundings. Visiting the cat often will help it to become familiar with the voices and presence of those who live in the home. After a few days, allow the cat to investigate other rooms in the home with supervision. When the cat becomes accustomed to those who live in the home, it will enjoy being petted and played with often.

When there is a need to bring a new cat to a Vet in Alpharetta, finding one that will make an immediate appointment is a plus. Take a look to find out more today.