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Common Signs of Depression in Seniors

Common Signs of Depression in Seniors

Depression is an issue that affects people of all ages, races and genders. In fact, more than 19 million Americans suffer from this condition according to information from Mental Health America. Seniors are not immune to this issue. In fact, two million people who are age 65 or older have been reported has suffering from some type of depression.

The good news is, depression is a condition that is very treatable. The key is to recognize the signs of the issue and then take action. When it comes to seniors, you may need to get the staff at their assisted living facility in Surprise, AZ on the case to help you know for sure if this is an issue your loved one is suffering from.

Some of the signs that depression is an issue can be found here.

Telltale Signs of Depression in Your Senior Loved One

When a person ages, changes are going to occur in their lives. The death of their spouse, loss of lifelong friends, a move to assisted living in Surprise, AZ and worries over money can all result in a senior feeling down. Top this with chronic illnesses and it is a perfect recipe for issues with depression.

However, what many people don’t realize is that depression is not considered a normal part of the aging process. This is a condition that can affect a senior in many ways, including their energy levels, appetite, sleeping habits and more. In many cases, it can be virtually impossible for them to break out of the rut depression puts them in.

Due to the negative health effects that are usually associated with cases of depression, it is crucial to recognize the signs your senior loved one is suffering from it. Some of the most common signs include:

  • The loss of interest in activities that they enjoyed in the past
  • A sudden loss of appetite or weight change
  • The senior starts isolating themselves and is no longer interested in interacting with others
  • Obvious changes in their sleeping habits
  • Not seeing to personal care needs and grooming
  • No motivation or energy
  • The loss of self-esteem
  • Slower speech or movements
  • Being irritable or moody

Taking Action for Cases of Depression

If your senior loved one resides in an assisted living facility in Surprise, AZ then you may need to speak to the staff about their behavior to determine if depression is a problem. The key is to take action because the condition is one that will just keep getting worse.

If you are worried that someone you love, who is living in assisted living is suffering from depression, don’t wait to take action. By acting now, you can help them get the treatment they need and overcome the issues that they are suffering.

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