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Reasons to Consider Aquatic Rehabilitation in Salt Lake City, Utah

Reasons to Consider Aquatic Rehabilitation in Salt Lake City, Utah

When a person has sustained a severe injury, it is common for them to undergo physical therapy during the healing process. This treatment is very useful in helping patients heal, regain their range of motion, and build muscle strength, but can take years. Luckily, aquatic rehabilitation is more efficient in speeding recovery and boosting muscle performance as well as decreasing pain.

Muscle Benefits

It’s amazing how quickly the muscles in the body can atrophy when not exercised regularly, which is why aquatic rehabilitation in Salt Lake City, Utah is such an essential part of any patient’s recovery plan. More than just strengthening muscle, this therapy will rebuild your muscle memory, even if the patient suffers from neuromuscular conditions. Also, aquatic rehabilitation will help tone muscles faster than regular physical treatment thanks to the resistance provided by the water. Patients who included this therapy as part of their rehabilitation plan will also notice that their muscles are more relaxed during training, which will make injury due to overuse or overtraining less probable.

Circulation Benefits

Experts in aquatic rehabilitation know that this therapy will keep your heart under pressure. This pressure, combined with the warm temperature of the water used will encourage and increase circulation. In turn, this increased flow will promote healing. When a person has improved circulation, there is move oxygen-rich blood being pumped throughout the body, especially to the extremities. This will help compensate for poor circulation by bringing more oxygen to your limbs, hands, and feet.

Click here for more information about how this form of rehabilitation can help you or your loved one recovery from injury or illness. When used in conjunction with the rest of your treatment plan, you will quickly see amazing benefits and enjoy a faster recovery than if you were not included this fantastic therapy.