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Dental Implants Could Help You to Reclaim a Full Set of Teeth

Dental Implants Could Help You to Reclaim a Full Set of Teeth

Whether you have lost one tooth or you are missing several, it can make you lose your confidence in your smile. Your smile is important. It’s one of the first things people are going to notice it about you. It helps you to meet new people. It acts like an open door, welcoming people in. If you aren’t happy with your smile because of unwanted gaps, you’re likely to cover your teeth. It can make people think that you aren’t outgoing. You need to do something about those empty spaces. Dental implants in Jacksonville area could be the answer for you.

How Can Dental Implants Make a Difference?

Dental implants are designed to replace any teeth that are missing. You can focus on one gap in your mouth, fill in several empty spaces, or opt for dental implants when you need a complete set of replacement teeth. As long as your jawbone is healthy and you don’t have any issues with your gums, dental implants could be a good fit for you. It will take time to get an implant. Your dentist will begin by placing a titanium rod in the area where you have a missing tooth. It looks like a screw. You’ll need to give your gum time to heal while the rod becomes firmly grafted to your bone. This will ensure that it will be secure. An abutment will attached to your post. Your dentist will create a replacement tooth made from ceramic material to be placed on the abutment. Your replacement tooth will be the same color, size, and shape as a natural tooth.

Make Your Smile as Good as New

When adult teeth are gone, they are gone for good. However, dental implants in Jacksonville offer you a way to replace what you have lost. When you have a complete set of pearly whites, you’ll want to smile again.

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