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Details About A Laser Hair Rejuvenation System In West Chester, PA

Details About A Laser Hair Rejuvenation System In West Chester, PA

In Pennsylvania, hair loss is a serious issue that can diminish an individual’s self-esteem. The condition is caused primarily by damaged hair follicles. Treatments used to increase hair growth stimulate the hair follicles. A local spa and wellness center provides details about a Laser Hair Rejuvenation System in West Chester, PA that regrows hair.

How Does It Work?

The clinician uses low-level lasers to perform the treatment. The system focuses compressed light directly into the hair follicle. The light penetrates through the scalp without using heat or cold. It is used to direct laser light into each area in which the patient has thinning hair.
What Benefits are Available to Patients?

According to reports, the system provides a fifty-four percent increase in blood circulation in the scalp. Each of the hair follicles that are treated is stimulated properly. The process helps to stop hair loss for patients. The studies show an eighty-four percent success rate. The hair that grows back is fuller, shinier, and thicker.

The procedure can also assist patients that have undergone a hair transplant surgery. The hair continues to thrive and the post-op healing process is reduced significantly. It can also reverse any damage that happened due to chemical services to restore hair.

Where Can Patients Receive the Treatments?

Any spa or wellness center can provide the hair rejuvenation treatments. Typically, the treatments are performed in-office, and the clinician determines the duration of time needed. The clinician could provide at-home products to promote hair regrowth and protect new hair that has grown since the rejuvenation treatments.

Who can Receive the Treatments?

Anyone who is losing their hair can undergo the hair rejuvenation procedures. Women and men can receive the treatments based on their individualized needs. The total number of treatments is determined according to how severe their hair loss is.

In Pennsylvania, women and men could experience thinning hair at any age. The condition could lead to balding that can hinder their self-confidence. To combat the condition, patients could undergo treatments that regrow their hair. Patients who want access to a Laser Hair Rejuvenation System in West Chester, PA can contact BeBalanced Center or click here for more information now.